Is it Really Free Thought? An Analysis of The Free Thought Project

Introduction Misinformation online is a very real threat. It is well-documented that misinformation and the proliferation of fake news assisted in the victory of President Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, that fake news was a serious adversary during the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, and continues to be an imposing threat throughout the early daysContinue reading “Is it Really Free Thought? An Analysis of The Free Thought Project”

The Anti-Semite’s Library: The Unz Review Reviewed

Anti-Semitism is something that has been prevalent for centuries, with political figures, the upper echelon of gentile society, and society as a whole often finding the Jewish people at fault for the world’s problems. This can be seen with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, but also in more historical cases with the Black Death of the 14th century and causedContinue reading “The Anti-Semite’s Library: The Unz Review Reviewed”

From Bulgaria with Misinformation: An Exploration into ZeroHedge

Introduction Russian misinformation operations are a serious threat to Western (and global) national security. Russia has been a purveyor in the field of cyberwarfare and is no stranger to disinformation, having effectively coined the term and utilized this tactic since the 1920s. It was officially adopted within Russia’s military forces in the 21st century. Russia’s cyber footprint and disinformation tacticsContinue reading “From Bulgaria with Misinformation: An Exploration into ZeroHedge”

The Biggest Threat: GlobalResearch and the Threat to an Uninformed Public

This is another site some may have heard of if one has ever entered the conspiracy theorist rabbit hole. It is a Canadian website known as GlobalResearch (GR) and is very influential, with many of their articles being reprinted on other similar sites and being proliferated at a vast rate on social media. The site’sContinue reading “The Biggest Threat: GlobalResearch and the Threat to an Uninformed Public”

The Pioneers of Fake News: An Analysis of WorldNetDaily

Fake news is a term that has gained extreme traction since 2016. The rise of Donald Trump and the significant changing of the U.S. Republican Party since the economic collapse of 2008 has assisted heavily in the rise of right-wing and libertarian fake news organizations, yet this is not a new phenomenon. Heavily biased newsContinue reading “The Pioneers of Fake News: An Analysis of WorldNetDaily”

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